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Advantages and disadvantages of forged steel gate valves
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Advantages of forged steel gate valve

1, forged steel gate valve fluid resistance is small, the sealing surface by the medium of gouging and erosion is small.

2, forged steel gate valve is suitable for Class150 ~ 2500, working temperature -29 ~ 425 ℃ (carbon steel) or -29 ~ 500 ℃ (stainless steel) of small diameter pipeline, used to cut off or connect the pipeline medium.

3, socket welded forged steel gate valve media flow direction is not restricted, no disturbance, no pressure reduction. Seal performance is very good when fully open sealing surface erosion is small.

4, the gate is placed vertically in the valve body, w****le the globe valve flap is placed horizontally in the valve body, so the structure length is shorter than the globe valve. 5. forged steel gate valve valve body internal media channel is straight, the media flow through the gate valve does not change its flow direction, so the fluid resistance is small.

5. Butt-welded forged steel gate valve has a simple shape, short structure length, good manufacturing process, and wide range of applications.

6, forged steel gate valve movement direction is perpendicular to the fluid direction, can be fully open and fully closed. Selection of different materials, can be applied to water, steam, oil, nitric acid, acetic acid, oxidizing media, urea and other media.

forged steel gate valves

Disadvantages of forged steel gate valve

1、The shape size and opening height are larger. 2, opening and closing process, there is relative friction between the sealing surface, easy to cause abrasion phenomenon.

3, forged steel gate valves generally have two sealing surfaces, adding some difficulties to processing, grinding and maintenance.

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