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The high-end valve city rise in Anshan (2012/9/20)

In June this year, the world's attention to the Danish capital of Copenhagen, the Chinese state leaders on a state visit to this fairy-tale country, "said the Nordic kingdom, and a series of business agreements signed during this period, including an agreement to let Anshan and Denmark a business into a global perspective. The companies Danfoss Group, the world's largest manufacturer of thermostatic radiator valves, the world's top 500 enterprises, one of the main contents of this agreement is to expand the Danfoss Group has expanded in the saddle investment Danfoss control valve (Anshan) Co., Ltd. scale, while Anshan built central heating advanced demonstration city ".
Danfoss (Anshan) Control Valve Co., Ltd. established a wholly-owned company of the Danfoss Group in Anshan City, in China, the largest variety specification is complete self-regulating valve professional production plant. It is due to have joined the international well-known enterprises such as Danfoss, high-end valve industry in Anshan City adds vitality greatly enhance the external influence and the overall strength of the city's high-end valve industry.

Valve as an important process equipment, known as "the mother of modern industrial production, the level of development is an important symbol to measure a country's level of manufacturing industry. As a "sunrise industry", only in our country, there are more than 6,000 billion in annual sales amount and growth rate of more than 30%. In recent years, some visionary entrepreneurs, investors have invested in the valve industry, valve industry has entered a period of rapid development. The face of a better market prospects, since March of this year, Anshan City, seizing the provincial government established this golden opportunity to become bigger and stronger Anshan high-end valve industry, high starting point, start planning and construction, in the Economic Development Zone of Anshan generous to high-end valve products, in production, research and development, pilot detection demonstrate transactions and other basic functions as one of the high-end valve industrial park, efforts to build it into the largest, internationally renowned, influence and visibility to target hundreds of billions of high-end valve industry clusters, and ultimately to promote Anshan become truly a "high-end valve city.

Anshan City, the valve industry originated earlier, after nearly 40 years of development, the various types of valve manufacturing enterprises above designated size more than 20 households, there are hundreds of varieties of the throttle valve, instrument valve, ball valve, butterfly valve, widely used in metallurgy, mining, petroleum, shipbuilding, nuclear power, urban construction and other fields. And the city and its surrounding together with Anshan Iron and Steel Company, Northeast Special Steel and other steel flagship enterprises internationally famous, superb casting, forging, CNC machining, heat treatment process to provide quality resources and supporting the production of high-end valve manufacturer.

The Anshan City has hundreds of thousands of highly specialized organization, the discipline of the industrial army. Anshan vocational education city as China's largest vocational skills training base to train each year tens of thousands of casting, forging, welding, heat treatment, mechanical, instrumentation and automatic control of professional and technical personnel. Anshan City valve industry has strong product development capabilities, the initial formation of a self-regulating valve, solenoid valve and medium and large diameter metallurgical valve products mainly R & D system and quality assurance system, not only a post-doctoral workstations, also There are six companies with provincial and municipal-level R & D center.

It is based on the unique advantages of the valve industry conditions, Anshan City directly selected to build the high-end valve industry. In order to promote the development of high-end valve industry to achieve industrial structure optimization and upgrading of Anshan City, the city government to enter the high-end of the industrial park of Anshan high-end valve valve business, construction, investment, taxation, research and development and introduction of talents developed series of supportive policies, and its unprecedented.

Built around the goal of "high-end valve city, Anshan Economic Development Zone, the high-end valve industrial park planning and construction of a high standard, park planning area of ​​15.61 square kilometers, in accordance with the development of" high-end sets, international, headquarters of "positioning , divided into the valve manufacturing area, industry, supporting area and public service area of ​​three regions.

Anshan Anshan City to set up a high-end valves Investment Service Center, as the new industrialized comprehensive reform pilot area, through the introduction of reform and innovation in the administration, economic management, personnel management, social management to explore the implementation of flexible and efficient The new mode, the setting up of a "Anshan high-end valve Industry Park Construction Company, a comprehensive work. Since the beginning of this year, Anshan City sent several investment team, caught around the cluster Merchants around the central enterprises grasping Merchants around foreign companies caught Merchants ...... brand new investment ideas, warm and thoughtful service, perseverance into so that a large number of financially strong companies have in Anshan high-end valve industrial park, to lead the development of Anshan, high-end valve industry.

Present, Anshan City, focusing on cultivating high-end valve industry projects have been completed and put into production: the Danfoss (Anshan) control valve Co., Ltd. invested 120 million yuan, the main production control valve unit; Anshan Huntoon Valve Co., Ltd. invested 235 million yuan, mainly produces metal seal butterfly recovery manifolds, pressure reducing valve, slurry butterfly valves and other products. Has now started construction: the Anshan Controls Instrument (Group) Co., Ltd. invested 150 million yuan, mainly the production of pneumatic, electric, self-regulating valve and accessories; Anshan Bayer Controls Co., Ltd. invested 80 million yuan, mainly produces high-performance (pneumatic / electric) butterfly valve, ball valve, straight trip control valve shut-off valve and a variety of forms. Now accelerate: Danfoss Group to invest 15 billion yuan in building heating system production base project; Japan Tooling Corporation linkage to invest 500 million yuan building the electro-hydraulic control valve production projects; Harbin Electric Valve Co., Ltd. invested 500 million yuan supercritical power station valve production base project is actively planning in.

July 28 this year, Anshan Municipal Government and the China General Machinery Industry Association valves Branch officially signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement, China Valve Association will fully cooperate with the Anshan Municipal Government to promote the of Anshan, high-end valve industrial park building, to assist in the development of Anshan high-end valve industrial park overall planning and detailed planning to help Anshan investment, helping to plan the exhibition, the construction of the Forum, as well as R & D, testing, display, transactions, information, finance and public service platform, which greatly enhance the level of development of Anshan high-end valve industry ... ...

A truly "high-end valve city" Anshan rise of the earth!