Exclusive of ¡°the South weld king "- visit national model worker reform Liu
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Exclusive of ¡°the South weld king "- visit national model worker reform Liu 2004-10-11 8:33:43?? "Working in the shipyard, this is the thing that a man does.¡±A meeting, Liu WeiXin 53 year old has god big straight talk from an honest man of eyes to flicker one pair flexibly, "do you see the too big ship? The whole eastern square can be put in; More than 1 billion fabrication costs, 7 floors are high, like a maritime city. Make just as one ship fight one battle, really strong! " WeiXin Liu, the South shipbuilding (group) Co., Ltd. is it mix the workshop electric welding group produce the group leader , senior technician to in charge of, win and exceed honorary titles , such as national model worker , national technological expert , the ten outstanding workers of Shanghai , etc., one title, legendary model worker of unique skill to have " weld king ". Called the welding of ¡°industry¡¯s tailor ", is a genuine craftsmanship job, is the most general technological work post too. Shipbuilding Company have welder two 3,000 people in the South, Mr. Liu is their ¡°spiritual leader ".¡±Come, explain you¡¯re exclusive. "Reporter is it listen to about Liu reform own story to want very much. Mr. Liu is unambiguous , a wave moves , begin lecturing --- When our country makes the most advanced liquefied gas ship in the world for the first time, Germen¡¯s patent , material , the welding rods are all imported. Whole pieces of ship most key to in charge of work of welding infusion, expert of foreign side is it carry on strict harsh examination almost to want to on duty welder. Has done in the test since New Year¡¯s Day, has done in the test until March 23, none of welders of the factory do in the test out. The ticket that the foreigner came back home is April 7, if still nobody took part in the entrance exam of, enterprises should paid an indemnity according to the contract. The factory director has called me, ¡°Mr. Liu, you go to do in the test, you are the last one!¡±Do in the test one day totally, after 14 years; I so far remember craft person is it is it tells me examination expression at the result to come over to run still, happy! And then, I go on board alone. The factory has sent two people to cooperate with me , pass water and get food , except go to toilet and go ashore specially, nothing need me to be in charge of, every day weld ceaselessly, until 9 o¡¯clock in the evening ¡­¡­Thousands of bonding tools . During this, factory director go on board and salute me special 4 times, there is this. December 31, the day that the big ship plunged into the commercial sea and sailed. Until that morning, the paint paint on the ship was good, the colored flag has been inserted, the honored guest has already reached the lobby, I am still welding there! As winning a battle, proud. "It is that an individual soldier fights to practice all right craftsmanship, must promote oneself in theory, otherwise do to a soldier forever, can not work as a general.¡±Mr. Liu is the person who a mind hero dreamt of, his ¡°exclusive ¡°is more and more superb. One day, unloading a ship to present the crack by oneself of a new and high technology, dozens of technical staff had a meeting and discussed that can not find out the reason that very night. Mr. Liu receives the telephone, has asked look and position of the crack, and must be that the material gets it wrong, "let¡¯s go home, will go to work tomorrow let me solve.¡±And, welder¡¯s tube in welding the submarine, Mr. Liu passing accidentally smells with the nose, say and use the welding rod by mistake. The workers do not believe, check wrong as expected. Very dangerous! This suit of exclusives which Mr. Liu acquaints in training, and study intensively by the diligence of accumulating over a long period. "Owing any job one has been assigned to, the bitterness finds pleasure in it too among them. I do not want to act the official, I want to work as a good welder, an unyielding man. The respect for me of the colleagues is sincere. "Now, lack the senior technician very much in the society, but nobody dares to go to the South factory to dig Mr. Liu, ¡°the factory will risk one¡¯s life with him ".¡±You now 3000 income, reach the outside it does to be can more? ""This needn¡¯t talk!¡±His hands are waved and said: "I reach an enterprise at will can contract his electric welding project. "" Do you ask my why? Money most important to life at first, can contribute one¡¯s own chief of institute to the maximum extent for society, for enterprise, it is the most meaningful. Secondly, enterprises have developed, more and more big ships of new and high technology are waiting for us to build, the stage where the company outside provides for me is not so large. "It was such a hero that Liu reformed and yearned for: Not restricted to one pattern, a little naughty, repeatly unusual soldier, still raised angle clearly demarcated until old, ¡°like one sword, bright to be it can kill always to come out. ""This is a man in Shanghai too. "When is it finish to interviewing, I is it must go the South shipbuilding Company see in the future to want