[FORGED STEEL VALVE]Maintenance Matters Needing Attention
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The Zhejiang CZTV valve Limited company produces forging steel valve[FORGED STEEL VALVE]May divide into the forging steel check valve, the forging steel gate valve, the forging steel ball valve, the forging steel cut-off valve, the forging steel check valve, from to seal the gate valve, from to seal the cut-off valve, from to seal the check valve, to hammer the steel needle valve, the forging steel heat preservation valve, the forging steel corrugated pipe valve specifically and so on. The forging steel valve is mainly suitable for on the thermal power station each kind of system¡¯s pipeline, cut-off or connection pipeline medium. Is suitable the medium: Water, vapor and so on non-corrosive medium. The forging steel valve the characteristic which compares with other valve product is the thermostable high pressure, unique from the seal design, the pressure is higher, the seal is more reliable. Because the performance technology characteristic, the operating mode caused the product also to form other products could not substitute the characteristic specially.

forging steel valve[FORGED STEEL VALVES]When maintenance, must pay attention to the electricity to initiate and in the transmission system enters the water question. Especially in rainy season permeating rain water. First, causes the transmission system or the driving sleeve rusts; second, winter freeze. Causes the motorized valve operates when the torque to be oversized, the damage transmission part can cause the electrical machinery idling or the ultra torque protection rebounds is unable to realize the electrically operated operation. The transmission part damage, the manual operation is also unable to carry on. After ultra torque protection movement, the manual operation similarly is also unable the switch, like operates forcefully, will damage the internal alloy part. ¡¡¡¡The steel and the iron are take the iron as foundations, take the carbon as the main increase element¡¯s alloy, is called as the iron-carbum alloy. ¡¡¡¡Places in the iron-smelting furnace the foundry pig iron to smelt, namely obtains the cast iron (liquidity), becomes the casting the liquidity cast iron casting, this kind of cast iron calls to cast the iron stock. ¡¡¡¡But cast steel and carbon steel difference. First, steel according to chemical composition classification ¡¡¡¡(1) carbon steel: a. low-carbon steel (C¡Ü0.25%); b. medium carbon steel (C¡Ü0.25~0.60%); c. high-carbon steel (C¡Ü0.60%). ¡¡¡¡Steel according to formed method classification: (1) forging steel; (2) cast steel; (3) hot-rolled steel; (4) cold drawn steel.

forging steel valve[FORGED VALVE]Neglects the note fat quantity frequently the question. After pouring the grease gun refuels, after operators low temperature cut-off valve choice valve and note fat joint way, carries on the note fat work. Has two forging steel gate valves to plant the situation: On the one hand the note fat quantity few note fat is insufficient, the packing surface because of lacks the lubricant to speed up the attrition. On the other hand pours the fat excessive, creates the waste. Lies in has not acted according to the valve type category, carries on the precise computation to the different valve seal capacity. May figures out the seal capacity by the valve size and the category, reasonable pours into the right amount lubricant.

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