The Valve Cooperates The Forged Steel Valve Technology Seminar
TIME£º2010-7-28 14:59:08 FROM £º CZTV
on December 4, 2009, 9:00 am, cooperate the sponsor by the Chinese valve, to smelt the Beijing Tang precision forging Limited company to do jointly "Valve To cooperate Forged steel Valve Technology Seminar" holds grandly in Beijing new century Japan Airlines hotel. Smelts the Beijing Tang precision forging Limited company newest development ¡°the multi-direction drop forging technology¡± the opening home production large-scale drop forging beginning, achieves the world advanced level. The attending expert expressed to this technology¡¯s affirmation, said it gives the valve profession to bring the new opportunity and the information, and proposed several permit the hope and the critical suggestion. Association Secretary General Mr. Song Yinli has made the summary for the congress, the conference in the warm discussion the complete conclusion.

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